Environment Policy

        IJTT (Thailand) Company Limited is a manufacturer of automotive parts, including

The production headquarters of PROPELLER SHAFT ASSEMBLY is located in Amata City Industrial Estate, Chonburi.

Rayong Province

        Amata City Rayong Branch produces RING GEAR, FLY WHEEL ASSEMBLY, BEARING CAP, DRIVE PLATE ASSEMBLY and COLD ROLLING located in Amata City Industrial Estate, Pluak Daeng District, Rayong.

Chonburi Province

        Amata City Chonburi Branch 2 Produce PROPELLER SHAFT ASSEMBLY (CV) located in Amata City Industrial Estate, Chonburi, Muang District, Chon Buri.

With a conscious awareness of the importance of the environment Therefore, has established guidelines for the following policies:

1. The company is committed to comply with laws and regulations. Environmental Promulgated in the country By adopting it as a standard for various operations of the company.

2. The company is committed to continue to improve Environment and reduce important environmental impacts Arising from the operations of the company, including monitoring and control of the following things.

        a. Discharging waste water outside the company

        b. Air emissions

        c. Waste management Despite being a general waste And hazardous waste

3. The company intends to reduce the rate of energy and resources in the production process. By using efficiently And support the conservation of natural resources use.

4. The company is committed to developing knowledge And raising awareness Environmental for employees And all relevant parties To create an understanding of appropriate environmental management And in accordance with this environmental policy Including the willingness to distribute this policy to the general public Upon request.

        The company is committed to pushing. Encourage activities Consistently implementing the above policy framework

env policy